Estate sales are so much fun and an excellent place to find great items at a fraction of retail prices. For the sellers, it’s a place to turn things that they no longer use into cash. Contrary to popular belief, goods in an estate sale are not old and wrecked. There are countless valuable items that you can find in the sale because most people are looking to offload their items for valid reasons.

For instance, someone could be selling their possessions to offset a debt, or because they’d like to refurbish their home. Constant home upgrades are standard in the well-off communities, and someone could be selling an expensive item that they bought at a hefty price say about three months ago, just because they want to change their home’s look.

The following are things that you can find in an Austin Estate Sale.



Real jewelry does not come cheap at your local jewelers. However, at an estate sale, you can find amazingly great jewelry at very fair prices. Sellers sell anything from gold to silver, to vintage at a small fraction of the original prices.


Did you know that there are people that buy clothes then get rid of them without ever wearing them? A seller might change their mind about a particular bag or pair of shoes that they bought, as soon as they get home. You’re probably asking yourself why they can’t return the item and exchange it right? It could so happen that the person bought the item overseas while traveling.


Are you looking for some old books that are no longer getting published? An estate sale might be a great place to find vintage books that you might not find in any bookshop.



Good furniture especially when it comes to shelves and wall units are pricey in furniture shops. If you love pieces with hardwood, you might want to try a yard sale.


If you love to entertain visitors at your home, then you know that dishware can kill or tantalize taste buds. You can find quality China at a steal in Austin Estate Sales.



Board games are a fantastic way to bond with friends and family and are also perfect for keeping your kids busy. Board-game lovers are always looking for what’s latest in the market and are likely to dispose of their old games.

If you intend to visit any Austin Estate Sale soon, get up early and get in line. There are usually lines to even get in the home. Check our calendar listing for up and coming estate sales in the Austin metro area. Did I mention bring cash. Cash is preferred, we do take cc. In some cases we may not always have wifi to run cards. So bring Cash. Plust it gives you more bargaining power and ensures that you get the item you want, instantly. Wes sell items on a first-come-first-served basis. No one will be willing to hold on to an article for you as you make a trip to the ATM.

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