At Remember When Estate Sales, we take care to provide our Round Rock customers with high-quality services, personalized for each family’s unique needs. If you have any questions concerning any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help find the best solutions for you, because one size does not fit all!


  • We are 100% transparent (you will receive an inventory list prior to the sale as well as a detailed sales record after the sale)
  • We are insured & bonded (not all Estate Companies are)
  • We have NO hidden fees
  • We pay all advertising
  • We send emails to thousands of estate customers
  • We have experienced staff members (sales & antique qualified)
  • We set up the entire estate from top to bottom
  • We research items and price according to today’s market to maximize profits
  • We accept credit cards (to ensure higher gross sales)
  • We have wonderful references 🙂
  • We have partnerships with the most reputable professionals in the industry who have no vested interest in our company – their only interest is in YOU knowing the value of YOUR items
  • We help you in other area’s if needed: (Estate lawyers, realtors, contractors, removal services & more)
  • We know what to throw away, donate & what items should be kept for sale
  • We offer internet sales for high end items
  • We do final clean up and donations: We will finalize any remaining items that have not been sold (there will always be some) and are not chosen to keep, including donation or disposal.
  • We leave your home clean and ready for your next step

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